Case Studies

Find out below how three commercial partners have benefited from installing Hydromx® – saving money, cutting emissions and protecting heating and cooling systems.

Trivallis Homes

Trivallis Homes is a large Housing Association that controls over 10,000 properties in South Wales.

Trivallis brought in an independent assessor, Atega, to measure the effectiveness of Hydromx® over a ten-month period. The trial consisted of 16 homes, 8 with Hydromx® installed and 8 with a typical water and inhibitor mix.

The findings of the project were:

  • The 8 homes which had Hydromx® installed saw an average 32% reduction in heating energy consumption compared to the control homes. Comfort temperatures were maintained. Atega attributed 7% of the benefit to flushing of the system and 25% to efficiencies gained from the superior heat transfer properties of Hydromx®.
  • The homes with Hydromx® warmed to the required comfort temperature in 9 minutes on average compared to 21 minutes for the homes in the control group.
  • In 90-minute cool down tests, comfort temperature was maintained in homes with Hydromx® while those with water lost six degrees.
  • Trivallis registered a 17.3% reduction on maintenance costs.

The Empire State Building

As of May 2020, 12 different systems inside the Empire State Building contain Hydromx®. They include heating, cooling, and heat recovery loops.

“Not only does Hydromx® understand the global impacts of our building sustainability today, but their nanofluid also provides overall system protection against corrosion, freezing, and calcification and tremendously improved the mechanical system’s efficiency,”
– Tim Daily, Empire State Building Facilities Director

Forest Green Rovers

Forest Green Rovers (FGR) is the most sustainable football club in the UK having achieved the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) gold standard for environmental performance in 2013; a standard no other football club in the UK has achieved. In the one-year period following the installation of the Hydromx® energy saving solution:

  • 30% heat energy saving was achieved;
  • A saving of 90,596 kWh energy was attained;
  • The emission of 18.3 tonnes CO2 was prevented – the equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by over 300 trees, enough to cover 4 football pitches;
  • FGR benefitted from an annual saving of £3,570.