Will Hydromx reduce my running and maintenance costs?

If maintained at optimum levels, Hydromx will continue to protect your heating system and save you energy costs for twenty years. Our experience suggests that you will see savings of 20 to 35% annually.

It is recommended that systems are flushed every 5 to 6 years to maintain optimum performance. With Hydromx this is no longer necessary. With a power flush costing at least £350 at today’s rates then factoring in inflation over 20 years the potential saving on this alone for an average house is more than the cost of installing Hydromx.

Also with reduced corrosion the likelihood of expensive leaks is minimised.

Boiler pumps will not have to work as hard with an unrestricted free flowing system and will therefore last longer, reducing maintenance costs.

In hard water areas, Hydromx will significantly reduce calcification that occurs over time, This will maintain the condition of your boiler / heat pump, radiators and pipework and so reduce maintenance costs. In a housing association trial, maintenance costs were reduced by 17% with the introduction of Hydromx.

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