Hydromx®, is a revolutionary heat-transfer nanofluid that utilises Nano-Thermo technology. Nanoparticles in Hydromx® remove heat from your boiler faster and using less energy than the mix of water and anti-rust/freeze agents traditionally used in central heating systems.


Your rooms get warmer faster, using less gas, switching off thermostats sooner and saving you money. In trials, homeowners saw a 25 – 35% saving on heating bills, and a commensurate reduction in their carbon emissions, while also witnessing substantial cuts to gas flue emissions including NOX, carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

In short, installing Hydromx® is good for your comfort, your wallet, your neighbourhood and your planet.

Install process

Installing Hydromx® takes 4-8 hours with minimum fuss. We will come to your property, powerflush your central heating system, and then pump Hydromx® into it. The time required depends on the property type and complexity of the system:

Step 1
We powerflush your system to remove sediment that builds up in your radiators and pipes.

3-6 hours

Step 2
We then drain your system of the rinsing fluid.

30 minutes

Step 3
Then we refill the system with a blend of Hydromx® and soft water.

1 hour

Step 4
Check for airlocks, bleed the radiators & balance the system.

30 minutes

Better than solar

See for yourself how well Hydromx® performs versus solar panels. It is far cheaper to instal than them, pays for itself far quicker than them (via reduced energy bills), and is also significantly better at cutting your carbon emissions.

Make the switch

  • Great return on investment – payback of 5-7 years
  • Extension of boiler/heat pump life, and reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduction in gas flue emissions including NOX, carbon monoxide and particulate matter.
  • 20-year warranty against freezing and corrosion
  • 20% discount incentive for early adopters

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