Hydromx®, is a revolutionary heat-transfer nanofluid that utilises Nano-Thermo technology. Nanoparticles in Hydromx® remove heat from your boiler faster and using less energy than the mix of water and anti-rust/freeze agents traditionally used in central heating systems.


Your rooms get warmer faster, using less gas, switching off thermostats sooner and saving you money. In trials, homeowners saw a 25 – 35% saving on heating bills, and a commensurate reduction in their carbon emissions, while also witnessing substantial cuts to gas flue emissions including NOX, carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

In short, installing Hydromx® is good for your comfort, your wallet, your neighbourhood and your planet.

Install process

Installing Hydromx® takes 4-8 hours with minimum fuss. We will come to your property, powerflush your central heating system, and then pump Hydromx® into it. The time required depends on the property type and complexity of the system:

Step 1
We powerflush your system to remove sediment that builds up in your radiators and pipes.

3-6 hours

Step 2
We then drain your system of the rinsing fluid.

30 minutes

Step 3
Then we refill the system with a blend of Hydromx® and soft water.

1 hour

Step 4
Check for airlocks, bleed the radiators & balance the system.

30 minutes

More effective than solar

Hydromx® is a cheaper way to cut carbon than solar panels. For a typical  10 radiator home it would cost £1250 to install and save 0.6 tonnes p.a. A 2.5 kWp  south west facing solar system would cost around £3750 and save just 0.5 tonnes of carbon.

Make the switch

  • Great return on investment – payback of 5-7 years
  • Extension of boiler/heat pump life, and reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduction in gas flue emissions including NOX, carbon monoxide and particulate matter.
  • 20-year warranty against freezing and corrosion
  • 20% discount incentive for early adopters

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